Monday, August 24, 2020

American Dream Gourmet Deli coming to 14th Street

Signage is up for the new business opening soon at 247 E. 14th St. — American Dream Gourmet Deli.

The deli, just west of Second Avenue, will be open 24/7, and selling deli-like items such as sandwiches. They'll also be going head to head with 7-Eleven, which is several storefronts away along IHOP Way.

The deli takes over the space from the 5-year-old T-swirl Crêpe, which didn't reopen after the COVID-19 PAUSE.

Thanks to Pinch for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't this place right across the street, on the south side of 14th?

Sarah said...

7-11 is a useful store but I've never understood people who bought their hot "food" in NYC, with a zillion other options in easy reach.