Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Storefront surprise! A new laundromat coming soon to 31 Avenue A

Well then. The paper covering the front windows over at 31 Avenue A between Second Street and Third Street came down the other day... revealing the useful new tenant coming soon — laundromat!

The space, owned by the NYCHA, had been vacant since Venus Body Arts moved out toward the end of 2017.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a useful business!

Anonymous said...

Yipppeeeeee!!!!!! Good golly, A new clean laundromat that I don’t have to schlep far to get to??!! I MIGHT start doing my laundry more frequently than twice a year now. Sure will cut down on my excessive new socks and underwear purchases this year. Hurrayyyyyy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good, the one closest to me closed so this saves me an extra block at least.