Sunday, August 30, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Dining on 7th Street Friday evening]

Posts from the past week included...

• Local elected officials wants answers on the status of officer accused of police brutality on Avenue D (Monday)

• A visit to Anyway Cafe (Thursday)

• Turntable Lab closes its 10th Street storefront (Tuesday)

• Longtime counterman ponders life after B&H (Wednesday)

• Speculating about the future of John Varvatos in the former home of CBGB on the Bowery (Monday)

• Plans call for 11-story condoplex at former site of Church of the Nativity and La Salle on 2nd Avenue (Friday)

• Sales launch for condos at site of deadly 2nd Avenue explosion (Thursday)

• RIP Walter Lure (Sunday)

• NYPD searching for suspects in 2 elevator muggings along 1st Avenue (Saturday)

• This week's NY See panel (Thursday)

• What's going on with the local OddFellows spaces? (Monday)

• Academy Records is back open (and happy Record Store Day) (Saturday)

• The Other Music documentary is now available on streaming services (Tuesday)

• The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space reopens today on Avenue C (Tuesday)

• Kitchen Sink removes part of its roof to accommodate more outdoor dining (Monday)

• Tuome reopens on 5th Street for takeout and delivery (Friday)

[Avenue A all stars]

• (Re)openings: Borrachito on A; Lost City Oyster House on C (Thursday)

• Yuba has closed on 9th Street (Tuesday)

• Clearing out Third Rail Coffee (Wednesday)

• A look at the larger Amor y Amargo on A; plus Soda Club signage arrives on B (Monday)

• Report: Judge denies temporary restraining order for Cloister Cafe (Monday)

... and on Friday, members of the local band Hennessey hosted a clothing sale in Tompkins Square Park with all proceeds going to the Sixth Street Community Center...

[Photo by Derek Berg]


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