Sunday, August 23, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Albert's Garden on 2nd Street]

Posts from the past week included...

• Friends and neighbors come together to help Chef Lek at Lui's Thai Food (Tuesday)

• A reality check from B&H Dairy (Thursday)

• The former Gem Spa space is for lease (Monday)

• Yoga to the People won't be reopening on St. Mark's Place (Friday)

• Ravi DeRossi plans vegan Mexican restaurant for former Violet space on 5th Street (Monday)

• This week's NY See panel (Thursday)

• New building construction now in the obscure the Yonah Schimmel's Knish Bakery storefront phase (Friday)

• "In The Realm Of Anansi From Assisi" continues on at Le Petit Versailles (Tuesday)

• The original Juice Press has closed (Wednesday)

• Thailand Cafe will not be reopening on 2nd Avenue (Tuesday)

• Baked Cravings opening an outpost on St. Mark's Place (Tuesday)

• The last of the COVID-19 memorial has been removed from the corner of 10th and A (Monday)

• Clay Pot won't be returning to St. Mark's Place (Thursday)

• Sanshi Rice Noodle coming to 2nd Avenue and 7th Street (Monday)

• UPS delivering a retail outlet to 1st Avenue (Tuesday)

• SLA temporarily suspends the liquor license at St. Dymphna's on Avenue A (Monday)

• Report: Cloister Cafe owner sues state over suspended liquor license (Wednesday)

• O'Hanlon's preps for reopening (Wednesday)

• Here's Prince Tea House on 10th Street (Thursday)

• Mister Paradise is now hibernating on 1st Avenue; blames state's full-meal mandate (Friday)

• The tooth about this new Avenue A tenant (Thursday)

• Storefront surprise! A new laundromat coming soon to 31 Avenue A (Wednesday)

• The Horsebox closes on Avenue A (Monday)

... and a few scenes from the 10th annual (and much smaller) New Village Music Fest in Tompkins Square Park yesterday via Stacie Joy...

[Artist Laura Alvarez]


[DJ Andre Cirilo]


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