Sunday, August 30, 2020

Young and on the loose

As noted the other day, Amelia and Christo's 2020 offspring have mostly left the confines of Tompkins Square Park... and have ventured out... though the juvenile red-tailed hawks don't seem to be too far away .. there were several sightings this weekend... the top photo is from First Street at Second Avenue. Thanks to Zak Kerkoulas for the photo (and h/t Elayne Kling!).

... and EVG reader James Chambers shared this photo from 13th Street and Avenue B yesterday ...

Goggla, our go-to source for the red-tailed hawks, said that migration season is coming soon... so we may be seeing a few more hawks passing through the area. Amelia and Christo's juveniles will likely leave for destinations unknown as well. We hope that they stick together — they seemed to be such pals.


Anonymous said...

We are SO LUCKY to have a hawk family at our park all these years. It’s wonderful to see the great photos and info about them on this site and others. Thanks to all the photographers who share their beautiful pics and updates. YOU ARE MUCH APPRECIATED. THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

On Friday we saw a red tailed hawk hanging out at the East River Park composting project finishing some lunch.
Wished our current NYC administration would reconsider their new plan for the park