Sunday, August 16, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Avenue A at 9th Street]

Posts this past week included...

• Checking in with Chico (Monday)

• East Village Loves Queens expands: Meet East Village Loves NYC (Monday)

• GrowNYC opens a new greenmarket at Astor Place on Tuesdays through November (Tuesday)

• Masking the East Village (Wednesday)

• A visit to East Village Acupuncture & Massage (Friday)

• A visit to East Side Ink (Thursday)

• A hopeful sign at the future (and former) ABC No Rio on Rivington Street (Monday)

• Lhasa, the celebrated Tibetan restaurant in Queens, opens an East Village outpost (Monday)

• Renovations at the former Provident Loan Society building (Wednesday)

• Bleecker Street Bar closing on Aug. 30 (Friday)

• Man randomly damages front window at Azaleas on 2nd Avenue; 'Might be the last straw for me' (Wednesday)

• SLA suspends the liquor licenses at the Hairy Lemon, Cloister Cafe and the Wayland (Wednesday) SLA suspends Maiden Lane's liquor license (Monday)

• 'Public Art as Protest' debuts at Howl! Happening (Thursday ... Saturday)

• New barricade placement along the Open Streets of Avenue B (Wednesday)

• Petit Chou opens on 1st Avenue (Monday)

• This week's NY See (Thursday)

• Zero Irving getting closer to the top; first sign of the glassy exterior (Monday)

• The Athenian will not be reopening on 10th Street (Tuesday)

• ATM swiped from outside Yankee Deli on Avenue C at 11th Street (Friday)

• Good news if you're done with summer (Tuesday)

• Workers removing damaged Elm tree in Tompkins Square Park (Friday)

[Avenue B at 9th Street]


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