Monday, February 8, 2021

Casse-Cou Chocolate bringing vegan treats to 4th Street

There's a new era for chocolate at 63 E. Fourth St. between Second Avenue and the Bowery... Sebastian Brecht's OCD Chocolate Shop has been revamped... as he teamed up with plant-based celebrity chef Matthew Kenney to launch Casse-Cou Chocolate, a vegan chocolate store and online marketplace.

Per VegNews, who first reported on this transition: 
The brand will offer a variety of artisanal confections made with free-trade chocolate, including pralines, ganaches, truffles, and chocolate bars. Kenney developed the concept in partnership with Chef Sebastian Brecht with the mission of elevating confections to the level of fine wine and cuisine without hurting animals. 

The offerings at Casse-Cou will include bars and bonbons in flavor combinations such as Pistachio, Saffron, and Caramel; Maca and Goji; Pedro Ximenez (a type of wine grape) and Salted Largueta Almond; and Black Currant and Yogurt. 

The shop is expected to open today (and in time for Valentine's Day). 

This is the latest East Village-based concept for Kenney, whose nearby vegan restaurants include Plant Food + Wine and Sestina.


Anonymous said...

Great I looking forward to trying them can’t wait

Anonymous said...

Someone please stop Matthew Kenney! Enough of his "lifestyle branding" crap!
He's such a lover of plants, he *painted* the trunk of the tree in front of his 2nd Ave empire white and wrapped the branches in wired lights. Should be good for a $1,000 fine from the Parks Dept, but I'm sure that didn't happen (despite complaints to 311 from neighbors).

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see the OCD name go. It can be a debilitating mental illness, I never thought it was appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Tree trucks are painted white in many Latin American countries.....keeps out harmful insects and keeps trucks cooler in summer