Friday, February 5, 2021

The latest single from Phony Express: 'Pickup On 11th Street (Richie's Guitar Shop Bop)'

Phony Express, the prolific and anonymous pandemic-era East Village band, has released a new single — "Pickup On 11th Street (Richie's Guitar Shop Bop)." 

Per the band in a statement to EVG: "Richie is a close friend of the band. He’s been quietly inspiring music in our neighborhood for more than 35 years."

Have a listen: 


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Eden Bee said...

Richie is the best! NYC's best kept non secret.

VH McKenzie said...

Beloved Richie is our neighbor - we live upstairs, just above him and his incognito Guitar Shop. There is no sign, no indication from the street of the miraculous work he performs and inspires within the small studio, jam-packed with guitar parts.
We were always curious about the surreptitious comings and goings of folks with guitars slung over their shoulders. We asked him once who his clients were? He told us that he is, "Like a doctor, and respects the privacy of his clients."
He did get my daughters some personalized autographs and CDs from The Strokes tho!