Friday, February 5, 2021

The return of the anonymous, animal-loving snow shoveler of the East Village

Residents still digging out from Monday's blizzard are receiving an assist... and it's a familiar name for some of you — the anonymous, animal-loving snow shoveler.

You may recall this story from the snowy days of 2016... an anonymous individual who voluntarily shoveled out snowbound cars (see the links below) ... leaving behind a note explaining the act of kindness ... anyone who wanted to express his or her gratitude could donate to the shoveler's favorite cause — Mighty Mutts/Ollie's Place Animal Rescue. 

Here's more from the snow shoveler last evening via email:

I wanted to let people know that I've been shoveling out random cars again and it's too wet out to leave notes on cars.   
If someone wants to make it clear that they don't want their car shoveled out they can. If I've already shoveled someone's car and they are furious I can put the snow back. I am extremely careful and never touch the cars.

As in the past no one should feel any obligation for the service. It is something I enjoy doing and I'm getting some exercise but if they want to make a donation to Mighty Mutts/Ollie's Place Animal Rescue, go for it.  
Photo of a random shoveled-out parking space.


Neighbor said...

What a great random act of kindness. Just donated $50 on your behalf. Pay it forward!

Anonymous said...

Some dude rolled up on a carpet, another shoveling our your car without asking. Is there anything this city can't do?

Anonymous said...

Neighbor thanks so much for the donation! If there is anything you need shoveled let me know.

Rich Garella said...

1:03 PM: I don't see why you assume it's a different person.

Anonymous said...

I kind of understand this. I'd love to do some outdoor exercise, and shoveling snow is great exercise (plus the added bonus of making a stranger happy).
However, I'd probably give up after 10 minutes :)

Love this city