Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Long & Short Barber Co. cuts out of 250 E. Houston St.

Long & Short Barber Co. has closed its outpost at 250 E. Houston St. between Avenue A and Avenue B.

EVG regular Salim shared the photos here ... including one of a goodbye note for patrons... Long & Short will continue with its shop in Brooklyn and the new location at Columbus Circle...
This is just the latest retail change along this strip, though this one may not have anything to do with the future development on this block.

Businesses in the storefronts just to the east of this — in the unrenovated portion — have all vacated, a list that includes Dunkin'/Baskin-Robbins, Subway (sandwich shop) and China Town. Workers boarded up the unrenovated section last month ahead of its demolition for an unspecified new development.

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