Sunday, March 6, 2022

Week in Grieview

Posts from this past week included (with a photo on Second Avenue yesterday by Steven) ...

• Another visit to Streecha Ukrainian Kitchen (Thursday

• How Veselka is helping with Ukraine relief efforts (Wednesday

• One East Village family's protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine (Friday

• 9th Precinct collecting medical supplies for Ukraine humanitarian relief (Saturday

• Show your support for Ukraine on this Lower East Side storefront (Sunday

• City has unvaccinated educators doing remote learning now from the former St. Brigid School (Tuesday

• RIP Nick Zedd (Monday

• The New Colossus Festival takes place next week at these local music venues (Friday

• Gallery Watch talks with Robert Zehnder (Thursday

• A quick visit to Jane, now open on 9th Street (Wednesday)

• The Black History Bowl returns to the Lower East Side (Sunday)

• Second time around: A Repeat Performance pops up at 3rd and B'Zaar (Wednesday

• Davey's Ice Cream closes 1st Avenue shop ahead of a relocation (Thursday

• A look at the in-progress new home of Bleecker Street Bar — on Broadway (Monday)

• A cafe-coffee shop in the works for Houston and Allen (Monday

• Doctor doctor, give me the news: MedRite Urgent Care opening on 14th and 3rd (Monday)

• Demolition watch: B Bar & Grill edition (Tuesday

• K-Dogs and K-pop on St. Mark's Place (Monday

... and EVG reader Peter d. shared these photos from Friday night along Avenue C between Eighth Street and Ninth Street... according to witnesses, the SUV stopped to make a U-turn... and a cyclist heading northbound broadsided the vehicle... the cyclist was said to be dazed, but conscious ...
Officers from the Police Service Area 4 on Eighth and C assisted the man. His condition is not known. The driver was cited for making an illegal U-turn, according to witnesses...

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