Friday, June 17, 2022

Proletariat opens today in new 7th Street home

Proletariat opens today in its new home at 21 E. Seventh St.

As we first reported in April, the craft beer bar was relocating here between Second Avenue and Cooper Square from 102 St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue. 

The larger Proletariat space will feature "a huge staple of rarely-seen beers in cans, large format bottles, and via a rotating tap selection from some of the most boutique breweries and brewers around the world." 

There will also be a menu of plant-based English pub fare via Chef Ben Dawson. 

You can follow @proletariatny on Instagram for updates. Opening hours: 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.

No. 21 was previously Porsena.

Image via Proletariat


Anonymous said...

I think the new location will work out very well for them. Many times there are long lines in front of McSorleys, and those patrons might decide to just go next door for a beer instead of waiting...

Anonymous said...

They had me until I read "...a menu of plant-based English pub fare". The whole point of bars and eating English pub food specifically is that its terrible for you and delicious.

Who's this walking contradiction that's getting drunk and thinking "I'm going to get wasted and destroy my liver while making questionable life decisions, but I'm also worried about the environment so I'll have a beyond burger".

Make up your mind.

Anonymous said...

What Anonymous 10:01 said. I had the exact same region. "Plant-based English pub fare"? No thanks, make mine a pork pie and pork bangers and mash.

Anonymous said...

Yeesh. I'd prefer bangers and mash too, but whatever -- I'll gladly go have a beer.

Anonymous said...

Got to respect the performative nihilism but no, plant-based food and craft beer sounds awesome.