Wednesday, June 22, 2022

A soft opening for Xeo Cantina on the Bowery

Tonight marks the soft opening for Xeo Cantina at 334 Bowery between Great Jones and Bond...
In a Facebook post, hospitality vet Mike Khuu described the concept as "Vietnamese food with Tequila." 

Khuu also co-owns The Boil (with locations on Chrystie Street and Waverly Place, not to mention Jersey City) that serves creole and Cajun-style cuisine, and Saigon Shack on MacDougal. 

No sign of a menu or other particulars at the moment for XEO Cantina.

Gia Trattoria closed here late last year after just four months in business. 


Anonymous said...

I have nothing against this business or the ones that came before it, but when I see something opening on this block, I don't give it much thought. Nothing lasts here. There's something about this stretch that just can't sustain life.

Xeo said...