Saturday, June 18, 2022

'Summer in the City' with East Village writer Jennie Willink

Photos by Stacie Joy

Longtime East Village resident Jennie Willink, pictured above with her "muse and canine inspiration," Cosmo, is now a first-time middle grade novelist. 

Her book, "The Peonies: Summer in the City" (with Alix Sloane) was released earlier this month by DiAngelo Publications.

"The book all takes place in and around the East Village and celebrates our neighborhood, friendship and community with honesty, humor and lots of dogs," she told us.
And the plot:
The novel follows the story of Poppy and Esme (aka The Peonies) two 11-year-old best friends who live in the same apartment building in New York City’s East Village where they share a lively, non-traditional "friend-family" and are practically inseparable. But on the last day of fifth grade, the girls’ parents drop a bomb: Esme and her family are moving to California. 
After the shock wears off, the tweens set out to earn enough money to purchase two very special, very expensive, matching friendship necklaces. They start a dog walking business, Peony's Prancing Pups, and the adventure begins.
And, importantly, she noted that a neighborhood blog, "East Village Update," plays a major role in the success of the young protagonists. 

Today (Saturday) from 6-8 p.m. marks the official launch at Boris & Horton, the dog cafe on Avenue A at 12th Street. On July 12, she's also doing an event at P&T Knitwear on Orchard Street.


Anonymous said...

I met her the other day walking my dog. very sweet lady. Looking forward to the launch party tonight

creature said...

This is great. Congratulations!

Spike said...

Love this. Ordered a copy for my friend's 11 yr old.

Anonymous said...

My two grandchildren got to meet Jennie Willink this evening at Boris & Horton.
They both purchased copies of her latest book. She personally signed each copy.
Thank you EV Grieve for the heads up.

Jennie said...

Thank you, neighbors! And thank you, EV Grieve & Stacie Joy!