Thursday, June 30, 2022

RIP Lisa Martin

Lisa Martin, a longtime East Village resident who had relocated to Paris, died on June 18 at age 59. 

Last November, she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. 

Here's more about her via a GoFundMe that friends set up on her behalf: 
A brilliant writer, filmmaker, fiercely loving friend, and devoted cat mama, Lisa has inspired, and vicariously thrilled, those of us lucky enough to have known her over the years. Whether you met her at a film festival, freelance job, squeezed into a corner at our little Tile Bar in the East Village, over a Bloody Mary at Harry's after a move to Paris ... Lisa has endeared all of us with her determination, wit and joie de vivre. 
Photo of Lisa on May 7, her 59th birthday, via Instagram


Anonymous said...

How terribly sad. What a lovely and multi-talented woman. And so young! Damn. F Cancer. Boy, life can be so cruel and short.

It was touching to know she was surrounded by friends whom cared for and loved her while she passed. Condolences to all in her inner circle.

Anonymous said...

RIP Lisa!

JAMES said...

RIP..Sad to read this.

La vie est belle said...

Lisa was a beautiful soul who helped everyone around her. She will be missed dearly. Xoxo

Lisa Marie said...

Devastating news. I first met Lisa in 2004 when I worked at telephone bar we became fast friends and she even attended my wedding. She told me she always dreamt of living in France and I encouraged her to follow her dreams and move there bc life is short and we should follow our passion and she was able to work from abroad. Unfortunately the past few years we fell out of touch and I’m saddened to just be hearing the news now. She was someone you could count on, she was a talented writer and a compassionate soul. She will be truly missed

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lisa was a compassionate soul! I was lucky enough to work with her here in NY and I visited her a couple of times in Paris, seeing her reining atop her barstool at Harry’s New York bar. She did love life!
As she said about her mother when she died, she went back to infinity.