Sunday, September 12, 2010


You may have seen this towering robot yesterday in Tompkins Square Park during the Howl! Festival... It's Girlzilla, created this summer by the Lower East Side Girls Club. The Times has the story on how she came to be. Very cool story.

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen said...

story so far...

geiger counter invented

sava geborah, the unsteady havoc discople (©1988 by Atomic Kitten during extra stiching class in absence)
burns a methodist church (where surface equation failure reveals weird shit about time untill 2066)
joins a scout class gets beaten almost to death runs away and saves olsens from burning out on a 175° radiator under their crib.

serious crash in a hallway

deadly butchery of really sick documents

olsen twins finally invented using ireport

interlace malfunction occupied @ p.o. box 1219

i so don't fukkin care about new york