Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mysteries of our time — solved!

I like Colin Moynihan's piece in the Times today about Momo's 8-mile-long tag throughout the city... You've seen it...And probably already knew who was responsible for it.... I didn't realize it was such a mystery. Still, a good recap. Per the article:

Although it has existed for four years, the paint line has escaped most people’s notice. And among those who have paused to register its presence, few have probably spent much time contemplating its origin. It is, after all, just a simple bit of paint: one more arcane marking in an urban landscape filled with street art and random splashings; a small-caliber mystery in a big city rich with secrets.

“The orange drip that flows through the East Village,” Sharon Jane Smith, 57, mused on Sunday as she gazed at the section of the line that meandered past her East Village shop, A Repeat Performance, on First Avenue near East 10th Street. “I have no idea where that orange drip came from."

Best Roof Talk Ever has more on Momo here.

And here is the video Momo made about the project...


LiberationNYC said...

Thank GOD! I can finally sleep!

I can't believe the NY Times wrote an entire article about a deteriorating line on the sidewalk. The desperation of their wanting to be "cool" is sad.

It reminds me of Madonna's cool posing but then she'll say things like "dungarees" and "tennis shoes" and you're reminded she's a 95 year old woman.

Anonymous said...

Disfiguring the sidewalks throught the town--BOO--feh meh puke!

Goggla said...

I thought this was pretty well-known at the time it was done as the video was released soon after. Does this mean the NYT is THAT behind on current events? Or, are they suddenly trying to be more hyper-local-downtown-centric?