Friday, January 4, 2013

East Side students to return to repaired East Village school in 2 weeks

[From November, via Bobby Williams]

As you'll recall, students and faculty had to evacuate East Side Community School and Girls Prep Charter on East 12th Street back in September when a maintenance worker found part of the eastern wall separating from the rest of the structure.

In the last few months, workers have busy rebuilding the damaged wall. One estimate via NY1 put the students back in the building in late February.

However, East Side Principal Mark Federman just tweeted the following...

So this likely puts the return date at Jan. 21 for the students who have attending other area schools ... more details as they become available...

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Schools making it work while repairs continue at 420 E. 12th St.

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marjorie said...

way to break a story, grieve.

very happy for those school communities -- i'm sure the kids, parents, teachers and staff will be thrilled to get back into their building!