Sunday, January 13, 2013

If you're reading this, then you probably have the flu

Just jumping on the Scary Flu Headlines Bandwagon.

According to the CDC, we're having a flu epidemic. As you probably already know. And Gov. Cuomo, who waited until last week to get a really public flu shot, declared a state of emergency. (Aren't you really supposed to get your flu shot in November?)

The Post, leading the way in we're-all-gonna-die-from-the-flu headlines, reported that the Upper West Side and East Harlem are experiencing the most "flu-like" symptoms in Manhattan. Other high risk neighborhoods include: the East Village. Uh-oh! (We also lead the pack with the most "woo-like" symptoms.)

Yes, we all should be taking this flu business seriously. Still. Gail Collins provided some level-headed thinking in the Times yesterday:

"It’s hard for the media, or the elected officials who are currently terrifying their constituents with dire flu warnings, to know where to draw the line between encouraging preparedness and scaring the public out of its wits."


“We have an epidemic of flu every year,” said the New York City health commissioner, Thomas Farley. If there are alarming headlines, he added, it’s because public officials are “trying to get out the message to get your vaccine.” In a phone interview, Farley explained that the city declares an epidemic when more than 5 percent of the people going to emergency rooms are complaining of flu symptoms, which is unusual only in the sense that it doesn’t happen in warm weather. He also managed to work “get your vaccine” into virtually every sentence.

And people are apparently taking his advice. There's talk that you can't find a flu shot in the East Village right now... at least at drug stores.

Well, maybe. We noticed this outside the Duane Reade on Avenue B.

Anyone else spot similar signs at other drug stores?

Meanwhile, here's everything you need to know about the flu via the CDC website.


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Got a flu shot back in Oct. Got the flu between Xmas and new year. Lasted exactly 6 days then left with mild head cold. Mine was really mild compared to what I've heard others describe, so I guess flu shots do work. I got my flu shot from Ali at the NY City Pharmacy (1st Ave bet 12 & 13th on east side of street). It's a really friendly family run pharmacy, BTW.

blue glass said...

are flu shots any healthy?
depends on who you listen to.
the best statement came from a department of health spokesperson - to paraphrase:
you should get the flue shot,
it takes a few weeks to become effective,
it is the least effective vaccine manufactured and,
it is the only game in town.

Pamie said...

Ali is terrific, and I have all my scrips now at the NYCity Pharmacy, switched from Walgreen's. Prices are correct, and the family atmosphere (they know everybody's name!) is wonderful in these days of impersonal and disgusting places like CVS...

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting article about flu shots.

Anonymous said...

Just for a little context, is a natural health site with an anti-vax stance.

Anonymous said...

Just for a little more context, Dr. Mercola is one of the smartest doctors around. And his website, is one of the best sources for FACTS than the mainstream media with their $$$ agenda. If you follow quacks like Dr. Oz over Mercola, you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

People get so crazy over this flu thing. I've never had the flu shot and rarely get ill. Take vitamins wash your hands and take care of yourself. The minute you start feeling sick double up on some good Vitamin C from an organic store.

Makeout said...

At least it's only an epidemic & not a pandemic. I just feel a lil' stuffy. Pass the Jager- I mean Dayquil

glamma said...

this is all a bunch of prefabricated cr@p designed to make pharmaceutical companies rich.
Why is it that you think the flu gets worse and more resistant every year?
We are living in a world run by mad scientists and greedmonster lawmakers....
The best insurance is always health!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe if people would stay the fuck home if they were sick.... everywhere i go people are hacking their heads off and sniffling.

Anonymous said...


Yes, if you believe in the effectiveness of vaccines you are in league with scary TV doctors such as Dr. Oz!

Michael Savage, Jenny McCarthy and you, showing the medical establishment the truth.

Anti-Vaxxers kill children. There is no question about that. Over 1000 preventable deaths in the last five years. Congratulations.