Friday, January 4, 2013

[UPDATED] Mamoun's remains closed on St. Mark's Place, thanks to Con Ed

Just after Dec. 25, we noticed that Mamoun's was closed on St. Mark's Place... we didn't think much of it... maybe they were taking time off when so many people were away, or something ... Well, one week later, the place is still closed. And there's a sign on the door with an explanation...

Here's basically the same message via Mamoun's Facebook page:

Con Edison shut off our gas at the Saint Marks location because of a gas leak at the building. Our line was not affected but they shut it off anyway. We cannot get con edison to come back and turn it back on because of their huge bureaucracy! We have been trying since Friday. Any suggestions people? Does anyone out there know anyone at Con Edison that could help us out?

Earlier in the fall, East Village Thai on East Seventh Street had to close because of a gas problem in the building. They didn't reopen for two months.

Updated Jan. 5.
Back open!


nygrump said...

I bet they still get a bill. Have you looked at your gas bill recently? I did and realized I pay about $25 in fees to provide about $2 of gas. Same for the electricity. No one would pay $25 to pump $2 of gasoline into their car.

blue glasss said...

councel member mendez has a con edison liaison - and while you won't be able to talk to this "magic" representative, if mendez likes you she might be able to help.
good luck.