Friday, January 4, 2013

Rodent revelations: The Upper West Side has twice as many rats as we do

[Tompkins Square Park last fall, via Bobby Williams]

City stats released yesterday show that the Upper West Side (the 10024 and 10025 zip codes) have lodged more than 1,183 "rodent complaints" with 311 in the last two years, according to the Post.

As reported: "The UWS had nearly twice many reports as the Lower East Side and the East Village, which phoned-in 688 complaints in the same period."

Are we going to just sit here and take this from those wusses? Now get out there and leave even more half-eaten containers of food and slices of pizza on the sidewalks and in Tompkins Square Park!

On a serious note, Gothamist has a cool interactive map showing the number of complaints in the five boroughs by zip code. Find that here.


pinhead said...

Oh, we have more rats alright. We just don't complain about them as much. Suck it, UWS.

Anonymous said...

> Now get out there and leave even
> more half-eaten containers

just call 311 more often and submit a 'rodent complaint' each time. no one is looking at what causes the rodent problem, just how many complaints have been filed.


Gojira (who is pro-rat) said...

Yeah but we have the NYU students so who has it worse? At least the rats are discreet, for the most part.


Look at the gentrifier on the right with the D&D cup!

Anonymous said...

UWS just has more people who give-a-rats-ass.(very small pun)
Anybody who tries to do something about rats around here is just "yuppie scum". Rats are part of the character fabric of our neighborhood. Leave them alone!