Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Party of 5: 'Gaffigan' filming today in the East Village

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is filming his CBS pilot around the neighborhood today. Expect trucks and crews and stuff on parts on East Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place adjacent to Tompkins Square Park ... (Crews are also filming on the Lower East Side too.)

Per the sign up here on East Seventh Street, "the comedy revolves around Galligan as a happily married man and New York City father of five — as he is in real life."

In real life, he lives on the Bowery.


Anonymous said...

OK there Louis CK

Eden Bee said...

Jim and his wife are awesome. I got on as an extra because I know them from bowery poetry club where he went and performed a lot. Shows looks funny and nice people on the set. He is definitely and old school new yorker who likes all the divey places. I hope it gets picked up!

Hey19 said...

Jim Gaffigan seems like a pretty good guy. I have seen him around the area a few times, and seen him walk in to open mics, seems like a funny, normal guy. Hope the show works out.

Anonymous said...

I like Gaffigan but the film trucks' engines/generators were running for HOURS, making the air around my apartment building a smogfest!!!!