Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week in Grieview

[Avenue A]

Bar 82 is closing (Friday)

More details on the new community center on East Ninth Street (Wednesday)

About 'Straight Outta Tompkins' (Thursday)

8th Street Winecellar expanding to East Fourth Street (Monday)

Plans for the open space at Meltzer Tower (Friday)

Checking in on The Treehouse above 2A (Thursday)

Something Sweet hopes to revive its bakery (Monday)

Get your apartment with a 3-level zen garden (Wednesday)

Looking at the David Schwimmer estate (Friday)

What it's like working at Zaragoza (Wednesday)

Comet spotting with East Village resident Felton Davis (Tuesday)

Another laundromat closes (Monday)

Remembering St. Patrick's Day Weekend 2013 (Monday)

Renovations for new Apartment 13 (Tuesday)

At the residents meeting for Smith Houses (Friday)

More on Jennifer's Way Bakery (Tuesday)

Renaming Riceton on East 14th Street (Tuesday)

This East Village residence has its own screening room (Monday)

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randall said...

Is this more avant garde art akin to the "Phallen Fone"