Friday, March 22, 2013

Heart N' Soul introducing to-go menu, Meat n' Three

A tipster spotted this to-go menu in the window at Heart n' Soul, which opened on East Third Street at Avenue B several weeks ago in the former location of Mama's Food Shop ...

Richard Freedman, who has owned the building that housed Mama's for the past 30 years, left a comment on our previous post about Heart N' Soul. In part, it read:

When Brendan and Jeremiah bought the food shop I did everything I could to help them. A couple years ago when they were running into problems I forgave unpaid rent and lowered their rent. Again and before they closed, I met with Jeremiah and his wife and again offered to lower the rent. I guess the emotional and financial commitment to the restaurant was too much, but I know they tried very hard and I wish them the best.

I don't know if I'm going to succeed, but I hope people will give us a fair chance. It is my hope to keep the best of the old mama's (classic meat and 3 menu) plus some new and hopefully interesting items.

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greg6833 said...

Best of luck with your new venture! Next time I'm in town I'll stop in. The menu on the blog looks blurry but I can make out some of it and it sounds good!