Friday, March 22, 2013

[Updated] Reader report: Bar 82 is closing

Word was spreading last night that Bar 82, with its ample back room for bands, poetry readings and other events, is closing at the end of this month. At least one performer with an act booked after March 31 took to Facebook last night with the news.

Several other sources confirmed the impending closure. The bar opened here on Second Avenue near St. Mark's Place in 2008... the bar was a reincarnation of sorts of Verchovyna Tavern aka George's Bar aka Bar 81, which sat for decades on East Seventh Street until a rent hike KO'd it.

We'll have more information on the closing as it becomes available.

Updated 1:31

Per Bar 82's Facebook page:

Bar 82 is going to close it's doors at the end of March. We would love to see you all before then. I'm going to keep this page open after the fact to tell everyone where your favorite bartenders might end up just to be cool. Please come by and say hello and goodbye and hello again somewhere else. It's important to us bartenders. We love you peeps.


Spike said...

Ah, sorry to hear this. Big fan of this place, and also their Monday poetry readings -- which moved there from Telephone Bar when it closed. Bar 82's owner graciously allowed Mrs. Spike and I to use their walk in fridge to store food/kegs for our wedding party held in the event space on 2nd floor of the building a few years back. Good people worked there.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

This is such a shame - a real loss for the neighborhood. Best of luck to the staff and all the performers.

Our Lady of Perpetual PMS said...

Bar 82 inherited most all of their shows when Bowery Poetry Club closed. I helped run an event there for a year. (that benefitted animal rescue and neighborhood artists). Bar 82 suffered from bad management and horrible energy from 3/4 of the staff. I saw customers alienated constantly.
I am not naming names or bulling anyone, this is the truth. sometimes I am commenting because I think it's necessary to point out that places can self-destruct, though usually it IS a greedy landlord.
It had so much potential. Great location and could've really won over a loyal customer base, rather than being empty most of the time. I have hosted a myriad of events in Manhattan for 20 yrs. & never saw anything like the way this place was run. I do wish displaced staff luck, and yes, there are not a lot of performance stages left in the area which is absolutely shameful and depressing.

Utherben said...

I'm so gutted about this, it was one of the few no-bullshit places for creative neighborhood people to hang out and do their thing. This is more than just losing a local watering hole; it's a cultural loss as well.

Anonymous said...

UGH i'VE LOVED PLAYING HERE FOR YEARS. One of the few really good sounding rooms. Great no-bullshit bartenders. Sadness

Uncle Waltie said...

" Bar 82 suffered from bad management and horrible energy from 3/4 of the staff. I saw customers alienated constantly. "

Dan and Chloe always treated me EXTREMELY well. In my view, the staff was spectacularly nice.

Anonymous said...

The entire staff was always incredible to me as well, and I will miss it for that reason. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that'll be replaced by another high-end restaurant or artisanal cocktail joint. Maybe a WD-60.

Anonymous said...

This is a big loss for the comedy community. There was a very good, diverse open mic at Bar 82 5 days a week. Many comics used that stage to get better. It was great for me having a local stage where I could pop in and get 12 min of stage tim and be part of a community. Bar 82 also hosted a number of booked shows by comics who have now gone on to do major clubs around the city and TV. It's a shame to lose that stage. Thank you Chloe for letting people make art and have fun.