Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday Night Bloodwrestling Fight!: Annual Easter vs. Passover Smackdown at sundown!

From the EV Grieve inbox... tomorrow night...

The return of the live lady warriors (and lads)!

Double Down Saloon, 14 Avenue A

*Our Lady of Perpetual PMS and Referee Mike SOS present new, seasonal characters in their ferocious and hilarious matches! Saloon Stigmata edition, set to punk rock. Also starring The Gorgeous LADS of Bloodwrestling.

Men are recommended to come with a female friend.
MIXED event in the spirit of true fun and sports satire!
Anyone disrespectful or disruptive will be removed, perhaps dismembered.
Claim your ringside seat by the pool of blood at 7:30 pm for the last half hour of the STELLAR Happy Hour.
Showtime at 8pm.
Latecomers suffer possible obstructed views, ridicule.

Live half-time entertainment TBA!

NO COVER, but donations to our fake blood fund appreciated.
21+, ID required

Satirically Yours,
-Our Lady of Perpetual PMS
GLOB! (Gorgeous Ladies of Bloodwrestling)

Here's the Facebook invite.


shmnyc said...

This bar is a franchise, based in Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

@ shmnyc

There's 1 in Las Vegas and 1 here. The 1 in Las Vegas is actually cooler than the 1 here.

And there is only 1 Double Down in this neighborhood, unlike the 5 of your precious 7-11 stores in 1 neighborhood.

Paige Turner said...


Nothing goes with vending machine mashed potatoes 'n chicken gravy like Ass Juice. 7 Eleven and Double Down = perfect together.