Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Price drop on the former Luca Lounge space on Avenue B

While on the topic of Avenue B storefronts... Luca Lounge closed on Avenue B last spring... the first listing that we spotted for the space between East 13th Street and East 14th Street had an insane $19,995 monthly rental ask... (A stated 1,800 square-foot space.)

Now! An Avenue B tipster points out that the rent is now $14,000, per this Loop Net listing. Our tipster notes the price is still high, but slightly closer to market...

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Anonymous said...

14k a month is totally ridiculous too, closer to 10k would be high even. The true market rate for that space would be like 8 or 9k a month. That space is not that big and realtors asking for that rent are shameless and byzantine because they are intentionally doing things like this to price out the existing small businesses in that Ave B area. That specific Realtor/Landlord helped destroy the LES and is now creating havoc in the East Village. I hope that the space goes unrented for years!