Monday, March 25, 2013

[Updated: They are back open] DOH temporarily closes Vinny Vincenz on First Avenue

Ugh. Crazy Eddie passes along word that the DOH temporarily closed EVG favorite Vinny Vincenz this afternoon.

The pizzeria near East 14th Street was carrying an A rating. Inspectors handed out just 13 violation points during their last visit on Oct. 10. Among the infractions: "'Wash hands' sign not posted at hand wash facility."

The DOH has not updated its website with the record of today's visit.

The 10-year-old Vinny Vincenz is currently in a $1 pizza battle with its new neighbors, 2 Bros.


Pinch said...

I’m all for clean places but the DOH can be unrelenting between stopping operation and the monetary fines that can very quickly add up on a visit. I have a friend who manages one of the most consistently clean bars I’ve ever been in and they still get fined (and instead of arguing against any fines the bar disagrees with they simply pay it…mainly because it’s cheaper than court). I’d be interested to hear comments from others in the restaurant/food business regarding their experiences.

g whiz said...

your friend is just doing what everyone is doing. The inspectors come in and have said to my face. "We have to find something or they (DOH) will think we're taking bribes." So you are screwed either way. If you get a young inspector, you are screwed. They feel they need to find as many points valid or not. i had a guy come in and started to write us up for not having a no smoking sign when there was one hanging up not 10 feet away.

BagelGuy said...

DOH is coming harder than I've ever seen in my 20 plus years working in food establishments. They've recently taken to double teaming places. Meaning, they are sending two and even three inspectors to go over one place. It's nuts. This is what happens when the city is hard up for money. It's always the little guy and the mom and pops that get shaken down .

Anonymous said...

The DOH has a mandate...issue fines. The ratings system is a legalized shakedown. They issue violations for the most petty things...most having nothing to do with food safety. It is becoming an impossible task to own and operate a business in NYC. If its not one city agency in your pocket then it's another. There is a tipping point where it becomes economically unfeasible to stay in business and we are rapidly approaching that point.