Thursday, March 28, 2013

Billy Hurricane's is expanding, and looking for 'tattooed bartenders'

Spotted this link over at The Lo-Down yesterday ... apparently Billy Hurricane's on Avenue B is opening (or re-opening?) a new outpost in the area... and they are hiring bartenders... specifically via a listing at ShiftGig:

Tattooed Bartenders Wanted!
Job Description
Upcoming Lower East Side / East Village Bar w/ Kitchen Looking for some New Staff for New Location!
Bourbon... Beers... Burgers... Blastin' Rock!

What we are looking for...

>> Male or Female
>> Age 21- 31
>> Professional, Reliable & Punctual
>> Experienced (Mixology a Plus)
>> Outgoing & Fun
>> Tattoo'd ( not a unicorn on your ankle kind of tattoo)
>> Non-Complete-Alcoholic
>> Social Media Savvy
>> Possible Following of Friends / Fans



Anonymous said...

nothing I like more than eating dead cow with blasting music and looking at a young persons need for permanent attention, no thanks.

Anonymous said...

love the casual tongue-in-cheek reference to a serious substance dependency. what a class act these lot are.

randall said...

Sounds awesome.

This reminds me to NEVER set foot in a place that calls itself "something" Hurricane or Hurricane "something"

I wonder why mixology is a plus because from the sounds of it, they're going to be serving a lot of Jagerbombs, Mind Erasers, Jack and Cokes, Captain and Cokes, Frozen Margaritas and pitchers of Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Light.

James C. Taylor said...

Since when did tattoos, facial hair and suspenders become such essential requirements for bartending? Barbershops have almost identical requirements, while coffeeshops seem to prefer tattoos, facial hgair and slouchy woolen hat (even in July).

It's all such bullshit and I'm amazed more people don't see through the total desperation of it all.

Anonymous said...

...But I have a herd of Unicorns tattooed on my ankles...Does that mean I can't work there??? I'm gonna talk to the Anti Unicorn Defamation League About this!!!

Makeout said...

Ha ha ha. Tool central.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

@Makeout - I'm going to open a bar called Tool Central. :)

Crazy Eddie said...

Ha,ha. They said tool.

Anonymous said...

Is that an alcoholic in progress or a need to not make drinks well?

3:08 pm said...

woo (?)

@Goggla East Village is already the tool central.

Anonymous said...

Billy Hurricanes sucks and is a true blight on this neighborhood! Completely fake in everyway! Suburban frat douches on the real low end! Makes the better douchery places look like Studio 54! Real losers here!