Monday, March 25, 2013

Here comes The Fourth, with a crazy bed frame installation and private-label coffee

Over at the five-years-in-the-making Hyatt Union Square, signs just went up for one of the restaurants in the space on Fourth Avenue and East 13th Street.

Here's a description of The Fourth via the Hyatt's website:

Our signature Lower East Side restaurant boasts 30-foot ceilings and wide French doors for open-air dining, attracting hotel guests and local denizens alike with fresh baked bread and neighborhood appeal. The 100-seat room will offer three distinct dining areas: a café with a European style espresso and wine bar, a 24-seat communal bar and dining space, and a 45-seat full service formal dining area. Open virtually all day, The Fourth will serve traditional brasserie fare with a modern American interpretation: upscale fare with a continental flair.

Taking its name from the elegant and sophisticated right bank neighborhood in Paris, the vibe at The Fourth is Union Square meets the 4th arrondissement - a stylish place to meet for coffee, dine at the bar after a movie, or enjoy a business dinner. The wine and beverage program at Hyatt Union Square New York is skillfully designed by Roger Dagorn, MS, whose vast knowledge and approach to wine selection makes The Fourth not only a delicious place to dine, but also an intriguing place to explore the vineyards of the world.

This Lower East Side restaurant serves espresso drinks made with Café Quatrième, a private label coffee, offering various blends and roasts throughout the day for an excellent coffee experience to stay or to-go.

Repeat: "Union Square meets the 4th arrondissement."

Also, we took a look inside and spotted this hanging from the ceiling...

Maybe that's one of the hotel's specially priced courtyard studios?

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Big Brother said...

Who writes this dreck? And what's with the psychotic bed sculpture? It's like a nightmare brought to life.

Gojira said...

Is that thing supposed to make us think of the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island? And since when is 4th Avenue and East 12th Street the Lower East Side?

James C. Taylor said...

Union Square meets the 4th arrondissement. Priceless bullshit.

bayou said...

mon dieu!

JJ Minihann said...

Union Square sucks