Friday, March 22, 2013

Why there'll never be a Ramones bio-pic

Marky won't let it happen.

The drummer insists former bandmate Johnny Ramone's widow, Linda, who is the driving force behind a proposed new film about the band, is not qualified to oversee such a project - because she has little insight into the band and was not around when the group formed and first started performing together in New York.


But even if that project was in the works, Marky wouldn't be a part of it - because he doesn't like how his peers have been portrayed on film.

He adds, "I wouldn't allow my image to be in it... They can't get it right unless there are people involved that were there in the nucleus. I know it would be inaccurate, like The Runaways movie; that was a good indicator of how these movies go."

[Source: Express UK]


Anonymous said...

Biopics in general always mess around with the truth for the sake of narrative so your not getting the real story anyway, plus the actors always look like they're in bad drugstore Halloween costumes when they're portraying the actual people. There are some exceptions. I thought Jamie Foxx did a decent job in 'Ray' but overall I don't understand why there's an audience interested in watching famous people pretending to be...other famous people. What's up with that? If you want to see the real story or something close to the real story GET THE FREAKIN DOCUMENTARY and be done with it.

Thank you Marky for your stance. Let the legend of The Ramones live through the recordings and films of the actual REAL Ramones.

Gojira said...

Thank God for this. It's well-known among Ramones fans that Linda is basically out to wring every penny from the band's legacy that she can, she must be snarking about this big-time.

Crazy Eddie said...

Case in point, “The Doors” movie.

vzabuser said...

Phil Spector, who produced the Ramones, should be given a reprieve only if he takes back everything he said about the band and produces a worshipful biopic.

Anonymous said...

Why "they'll" never be a Ramones biopic?

Am I missing something? "there'll" maybe instead?

Anonymous said...

why not make a movie about four guys from forest hills (the hot bed of punkdomnation) who form a punk band called 'the marones'? they perform at a club called 'seedy geebes', etc. any resemblances to reality would be purely coincidental!


Anonymous said...

Fuck Hollywood!