Monday, March 25, 2013

Updated: Gruppo Thin Crust Pizza opens at new Avenue B location tonight (free beer alert)

The renovations are done here at 98 Avenue B between East Seventh Street and East Sixth Street... Per the Gruppo Facebook page:

Grand Opening at our new location, 98 Ave B (6-7 st), Free Draft beer when you dine with us! See you tonight!

Their previous home at 186 Avenue B is now closed.

Updated 8:21

The sandwich board out front via @dens


Morgan Tsvangirai said...

I like Gruppo and Free Beer is awesome of course, but damn they increased their prices recently and it's really not worth it to go there.

Gojira said...

Seriously bummed that I can no longer walk home after work past the original spot and grab a few slices before turning up 11th St and heading for home.

Anonymous said...

gruppo is fuckin expensive!
I like the pizza but I spend way too much for a pizza meal there.

Anonymous said...

Was there last night and it's just as great as it was before. I really like the new bar setup... perfect height for dinner.

Anonymous said...

one of my fave restaurants around. and now they moved closer to me :)

denman pizza said...

Great! I like the Gruppo and Free Beer is awesome of course.
how much distance you can cover for the delivery or posting of Gruppo and Free Beer is.