Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On the April CB3/SLA docket: A billiards hall for Red Square; move for the Living Room; new partners for Boca Chica?

CB3 just released its schedule for April meetings... and there are some interesting applications on the SLA docket. We'll have more about the meeting, scheduled for April 8, later... for now, here are the more intriguing applicants:

[Boca Chica from several weeks ago]

Applications within Saturated Areas
• Golden C Hospitality (Golden C Hospitality), 13 1st Ave (op)

This is the address for Boca Chica, which, as Serena Solomon at DNAinfo first reported on Feb. 26, closed while the remaining owner looked for new partners. Perhaps she has found some.

New Liquor License Applications
• NYC Billiards Club Inc, 250 E Houston St (op)

Well. This address is for the shops along Red Square between Avenue A and Avenue B ... and there's a big fat vacancy ever since Blockbuster closed last year. Interesting... seeing as Soho Billiards closed several blocks away late last year.

• The Living Room (ACP Project), 173 E 2nd St (op)

Back on the docket after withdrawing last month. The acoustic-music venue is hoping to take over the Klean & Klenaer laundromat, as we previously reported.

• Goats (Goat Brothers Inc), 213 2nd Ave (op)

This is the address for the Nightingale Lounge. Anyone know what's going on here?

• The Nugget Spot (Uncle J's Inc), 230 E 14th St (wb)

Hmm. Quite a name. This is likely going in the former Walid Menswear space. They closed last fall.

I loved their storefront.

[Photo by James and Karla Murray]

Corporate Change with Complaint History
Cafe 81 (81 E 7th Pastry Shop Corp), 81 E 7th St (op)

New life for the bar that has been closed since the fall?


shmnyc said...

Yea! Billiards!

BabyDave said...

A belated thank-you here to James and Karla Murray for preserving the Walid Menswear storefront, at least in two dimensions.

Chris F. said...

Considering that the Blockbuster on Houston used to be a pool hall back in the 90's (which served tasty nachos, if I remember correctly), it would be fitting if the whole thing came full circle with a billiards parlor taking over the empty Blockbuster space in the 10's.

EV Grieve said...

@Chris F

Ah, right ... I vaguely remember that ... Also, Now that I think about, I believe Sleepy's moved into the Blockbuster space from next door last spring. Or am I just making this shit up?

Chris F. said...

I can't remember when Sleepy's showed up. I think before that it was an Auto Zone, and before that a Jamaican fast food place, but it's all a bit of a blur at this point.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what the deal is with Red Square?

Are they all rentals? And who owns Red Square?