Saturday, March 9, 2013

The NYPD says this woman stole someone's wallet at Key Food on Avenue A

The NYPD is looking for the woman in the photo above ... via the Post:

A cute 20-something snatched a woman’s wallet at the Key Food supermarket on Avenue A in the East Village on Jan. 31, police said.

The perp — wearing a white blouse, glasses with rectangular frames and her long dark hair tied back — then used the victim’s ATM card to make withdrawals at a Bank of America, police said.

Aside from "cute," the Post describes her as 5-3 and 120 pounds.

The City Room at the Times has more info here. The woman also allegedly stole a wallet in Brooklyn in November, and withdrew $2,000 in cash from the victim's account.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call an agent, freelance journalist or, probably better, Crime Stoppers.


Anonymous said...

So, if I'm reading this right, this person, (possibly working with others) is staking out people at ATMs, and there, somehow securing their PIN code. Victim then becomes a "mark" and is trailed by "cutie pie" till she can lift the vics wallet.
Or is she just a mathematical Rain-Man at the ATM? (actually not possible)
Whatever is going on; it sounds very sophisticated.
But what is most likely, is that there is probably about 2/3 of the ACTUAL information being left out of this story.

Crazy Eddie said...

Die Yunnie scum!......Too later?

VH McKenzie said...

Not for nothing but it looks to me like our l'il EV Bonnie Parker is wearing a wig.

Everybody knows ATMs have security cams, no? The glasses and hair are probably in place to (barely) disguise what she really looks like.

Anonymous said...

What happened to PIN numbers??? And once a card is stolen, can't you call the bank and have the card immediately cancelled? WTF!! Another story that leaves me with more questions than answers.

Marty Wombacher said...

This brought back memories of the "Hipster Grifter" woman that Gawker was so in love with a few years back.

Anonymous said...

not really "cute" in any way

Anonymous said...

So that's how they pay their rent!