Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Work picks up at incoming 7-Eleven; more 'No 7-Eleven' skull posters adorn neighborhood

On the topic of the incoming 7-Eleven at Avenue A and East 11th Street... work has picked up here this week... there has been more activity than we've seen since September...

[Bobby Williams]

(And these trucks have nothing to do with the mashed potatoes vending machine found at a few 7-Elevens.)

[Crazy Eddie]

Meanwhile, we've spotted several of the No 7-Eleven Skull Posters in nearby windows... (Courtesy, presumably, of the No 7-Eleven group...)

[Crazy Eddie]





Fashion By He said...

what steps are being taking besides hanging up signs to try and stop the 711 from coming? or from trying to stop the facade from being built?

Anonymous said...

Like clockwork, you can read about some of the other steps being taken in the next story.