Friday, November 30, 2018

Today is the last day for Milk & Hops Astor Place

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After three-plus years at 779 Broadway near Ninth Street, the Milk & Hops outpost is closing after service today.

In a Facebook post, the owners of the beer-cheese shop chalked up the closure to "irreconcilable differences with property management."

And for this last day: "all draft beers will be Buy One, Get One Free until the kegs kick. Additionally, all cans and bottles will be 30% off."

Milk & Hops Chelsea and Milk & Hops Ramen Bar on the Upper East Side will continue in business.

H/T EVG reader Eric!


Unknown said...

"irreconcilable differences with property management." That is another way of writing that the landlord raised their rent so high that they could not afford to stay in business and now are closing as a result. I see this happening to businesses all over the City.

Anonymous said...

Too bad - i liked grabbing a beer there every now and again... I don't think they opened until 3-4pm though and also weren't really a late night spot, so probably tough to squeeze out enough profits from a 6-8 hour window...