Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Villager editorial: "Save our Ray's"

From an editorial in this week's issue of The Villager titled "Save our Ray's"...

There has been a lot of talk in the neighborhood in recent years about preserving local mom-and-pop businesses, and keeping out the big chain stores. Ray’s Candy Store is a perfect example of a local business that truly offers a unique, authentic experience, from its old-style soda fountain to Ray himself and the cast of quirky characters and locals who patronize his place.

Until his recent cash-flow problems, Ray has paid his rent faithfully for more than three decades — so one could say, he’s paid his dues. His place used to be one of the only businesses open on Avenue A at night, when taxis wouldn’t even dare come that far east. He slept in his store to protect it from burglars. He’s been slashed and slammed with everything from jagged fluorescent bulbs to metal sidewalk vault doors, and survived.

Also in The Villager this week: A Ray's recap from Chris Flash. Read it here.

Meanwhile, as noted Tuesday....

A PayPal account has been established to help Ray's Candy Store. Those who are interested in helping out may use this e-mail address:

And Bob Arihood has the latest update at Neither More Nor Less:

Ray claims that he met with his landlord and that the landlord was not very sympathetic . According to Ray the landlord has too many tenants not paying rent these days and that he expects Ray to pay his rent So it seems there will be no grace period for Ray and his candy store and thus the future is ever so uncertain .

Behind the landlord ultimatum at Ray's


Anonymous said...

This paypal link does not seem good. It links to -- What gives??

EV Grieve said...

It was a direct link to PayPal's "send money online" portion of the Web.

I switched the links to PayPal's home page.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Maybe the mysterious donor who stepped in and saved St Brigid's will extend their generosity to another neighborhood landmark.

If the $8K is raised to save Ray, what about the next month, and the one after that? What would really help is someone with business knowledge who could set out a plan for pricing and revamp the current store offerings.

glamma said...

well, the dead of winter is the absolute worst time for an business that primarily sells ice cream.. things can only go up from here... how do we get 8k for rays?? maybe there are grants available for small businesses (not loans)

geoff matters said...

Not a lawyer, but:

agent admits it takes a long time to legally expel a tenant

agent reportedly threatened to padlock Ray's

would padlocking without a court order be illegal?

is threatening tenant with illegal action itself illegal?

if so, then according to evidence, agent broke the law with her threats. can this be used as leverage to help Ray's situation?

john penley said...

There will be a combination protest/ fundraiser / street fiesta [party] at Ray's Candy Store on Saturday at 8PM. We are going to send a message to potential renters of Ray's spot. Don't do it. This is being organized by many people, not just me. I was contacted tonight by Black Ops Bob and others who requested my help. I said HELL YES !!!!! Yuppies and NYU students who want to help Ray will be welcome.