Friday, July 2, 2010

The 13th Step to feature 28 flatscreen TVs, 8.5-hour happy hour (and deep-fried hot dogs)

The 13th Step opens on Thursday on Second Avenue, and Thrillist has the scoop on what to expect:

Named after the AA term for hooking up with one’s sponsor, 13S's morphed the former Telephone Bar space into a down-to-business, 28-flatscreen sports spot; the booth-lined main room’s been revamped with a wood-topped bar and a brass ceiling rocking custom amber fixtures, while the the back now features two rooms that share the same spanking-new bar, but’re separated down the middle by a wrought iron gate with swinging doors, which’ll let anyone inside. In spite of eating up most of the kitchen space, the standard bar menu’s studded with adventurous booze-sponges, including bacon, egg, and cheese sliders; cheese/gravy-/bacon-smothered tots; pulled-pork-stuffed burgers; and deep fried dogs, aka rippers, which don’t need jack to tear your heart out. The drink’s fittingly straight ahead as well, with a fully stocked bar backed by 14 drafts, local bottles, and old-school cans of Schaefer, Carling Black Label, and Sly Fox IPA, which coincidentally is also crazy...delicious!

Upping the imbibery's a recurring 8.5 hr happy hour (excepting Sundays), plus daily specials like dollar drafts and half-price bombs...

And the hits just keep on coming...

Thanks to EV Grieve reader Jeremy for the tip.

[Photo via Thrillist]


Anonymous said...

Oh puke-heave grieve

Anonymous said...

Even the food is fratty. It sounds absolutely disgusting.

Thrillist writer can't be move to spell out the whole bar name, eh? I know "tep" is tough to type out but good luck trying to make "13S" happen, dude.

RIP Telephone

pinhead said...

Why spend all that cash on "rocking amber fixtures" and the like? Couldn't they just throw down a few plastic tarps, set up a trough to piss in, and roll in some kegs?

blueglass said...

too bad.
telephone was a decent bar with a decent restaurant and some (originally) very strong ties to the neighborhood (abe from 2nd ave deli).
now it'll be just another animal-house pain in the neighborhood.
who are all these new bar owners with no brains or orignality?

Anonymous said...

They have the sign lit up today. It looks so tacky - so terrible. Crossing 2nd at 9th st from the east side has never been so depressing.