Friday, July 16, 2010

This disarming man: Larry David on Fourth Avenue

Filming "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on Fourth Avenue and 12th Street a little bit ago... thanks to EV Grieve reader Shaps for the shot.


East Village Feed said...

Where are they NOT filming CYE?

This was snapped near 4th Ave. They also have 10th St., 1st Ave and 2nd Ave cleared out next to the bike lanes.

Media glut said...

Oh my! A celebrity someone on TV. How exciting!!!
If only I could see him, my life would be much more complete!

pinhead said...

Bald f*ck.

James Campbell Taylor said...

I saw him outside Veniero's last night 'round about midnight. I love Larry David (although that Woody Allen film was atrocious).