Thursday, June 13, 2013

How can I really be expected to post today when heavy thunderstorms are likely on the way?

As you may have heard, weather forecast people have been tossing around the D word in reporting today's weather — dope Derecho.

What is a derecho? Let's go to USA Today for the definition:

A derecho is a widespread, long-lived wind storm associated with a band or shelf of rapidly moving thunderstorms.

So far, it seems our area will, fortunately, just see the side effects (possible/probable thunderstorms, heavy rain, possible flooding, unchecked hysteria).

So you should have your phone at the ready for some blog-worthy Instagrams! (Hint.) And stand in line for snacks at Trader Joe's, though it's likely too late.

Anyway! Here are photos from last July ... when derecho-like weather came our way ... these shots via EVG reader Tony Devers...


[Bobby Williams]

[Bobby Williams]

[EVG reader Katja]

And do be careful today and tonight.

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marjorie said...

that last pic ominous bobby williams is so scary and beautiful. i cannot be expected to work after seeing it.

Anonymous said...

All those pictures are gorgeous, they would look just beautiful printed and framed!

Anonymous said...

This so-called 'summer weather' is really starting ot piss me off. With a late spring/early summer like this why not let winter come back another month or two? It's just as lame.

Pinch said...

HAHAHAHA! Unchecked hysteria! Good one, Grieve. On a related note, I have my window open and the wind is blowing into my apartment. I am going to Google to see if there's any solutions to this problem (though I can't imagine there is).

PS: Thanks for getting rid of the need to type in the code before posting a comment...I'm either not as literate as I thought I was or that thing fucking sucked:)

EV Grieve said...


Wind blowing in the open window? I'd recommend bricking up the window. (Check your lease first!)

I'll try to leave that stupid CAPTCHA off as long as I can... the SPAM eventually attacks like it's World War Z!

Anonymous said...

Those capchas are training us to think like machines
buzst dramamine