Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A history of art and activism at Le Petit Versailles

From the EVG inbox... via the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space

Please join us for an evening with East Village artists Jack Waters and Peter Cramer. In 1996 they started Le Petit Versailles, a New York City LGBTQ community garden located at 346 East Houston St. Petit Versailles is internationally known as an art space of cultural significance that presents year round public events including exhibitions, music, film/video, performance, theater, workshops and community projects.

(From left, Jack Waters, Peter Cramer)

Cramer and Waters will talk about their lives and history as green gardeners, AIDS/ queer activists, and artists. In addition to a slideshow on queer downtown, they will show clips from LPVTV, a 13 part Manhattan Neighborhood Network public access cable series documenting Le Petit Versailles events and history.

Find the Facebook event page here with more info.

The event is tomorrow night from 7:35-9. MoRUS is located at 155 Avenue C between East Ninth Street and East 10th Street.

[Images via MoRUS]

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