Friday, November 22, 2013

More on the closing of Continuum Coffee and Continuum Cycles

As we reported earlier this month, Continuum Cycles and Continuum Coffee have closed on Avenue B. We caught up with Continuum owner Jeff Underwood for more about what happened.

The coffee shop opened shortly before Sandy hit last October, and Underwood had a difficult time recovering from the storm damage. (An unresponsive landlord apparently didn't help.)

"I had taken all of my funds and put it into the cafe last year. Not only did our whole basement flood with sewage and salt water, destroying my stock for the cafe and bike shop, we also didn't have phone service or stable Internet service for over three months," he said via email. "This kept us from running credit cards, which is 80 percent of our sales."

Business lagged post-Sandy, and he wasn't able to get ahead of the mounting bills as the year continued.

For now, Underwood said that he plans to regroup over the coming months, with the expectation of reopening a shop somewhere in the neighborhood in the spring.

"I'm actually very excited about taking the winter off to look for the perfect space. I also do dog rescue and training, which I love, so this will give me time to take on more clients and work with more dogs in need," he said. "As for bicycles, I will still take on clients, but obviously at a smaller scale. My goal is to revamp my website for e-commerce, so that we can reach more folks.

"It has been a bittersweet couple of weeks. Closing was a bit hard but the love that people are showing is blowing us away."

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Morgan Tsvangirai said...

This is all a real shame. I'd been to Continuum a bunch, and despite being busy, Jeff was always really friendly and helpful. I hope he finds the new location and they're back up soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this, Jeff. I for one will miss the original bike shop. But looking forward to a new location hopefully in somewhere in ABC City.

Matt said...

I think I can say on behalf of many EVCS parents and students: Shit. The cafe was an afterschool/before PA meetings favorite. Loveliest baristas in town brewing a mean cuppa. Just an exceptionally sweet, kid-friendly oasis. Loved the bike shop, too. Hope to see you guys back in business at a similarly convenient location soon.

Anonymous said...

What animal org is he with? I'd like to donate to them.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard Jeff was working with Long Beach animal rescue

Sassy James said...

Saddest news I've heard in awhile...