Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sidewalk bridge and scaffolding arrive ahead of planned New York Sports Club on Avenue A

A sidewalk bridge arrived Monday outside Gracefully at 28 Avenue A.

And yesterday, workers started erecting scaffold outside the familiar Burger-Klein façade, as this photo via EVG reader Jennifer Kellow shows...

As we reported on April 29, New York Sports Club has plans to open a gym above the market. In May, CB3 approved "the BSA special permit application by New York Sports Club to operate a physical culture establishment/health club at 28-30 Ave A on the 2nd thru 5th floors with entrance on the 1st floor."

Meanwhile, though, the application is still waiting the OK for the Department of Buildings, who stamped a "disapproved" on the first round of plans in April.

[EVG photo from spring 2013]

Furniture seller Burger-Klein occupied the building as early as 1939. Read more about the history of the Burger-Klein building at Off the Grid.

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New York Sports Club in the works for Avenue A


Anonymous said...

I hope they don't fuck with that facade!
And I'm also a bit sickened picturing little suburban douche brats walking around with their parents "See it's a great neighborhood they have a NYSC this is where I NEED to be!"

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love it, a health club right next door to a methadone clinic! That's even better than an overpriced hotel next to a men's shelter!

RRReality1 said...

And a few doors over from a hotel for rich people's dogs.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they are not pulling of the facade but maybe changing windows.. Why to all the odd and interesting = beautiful places have to be dulled down always? I know this facade is not original but it is unique to the EV. Hope it stays.

Anonymous said...

The NYSC on Irving is in the old ConEd building (ConEd of course is also still there as well, NYSC only leases part of it) and the gym kept all the windows, beams, etc. NYSCs are in all kinds of existing structures and no two are alike. I doubt they will remove the facade.

Honestly, this isn't a "health club" like Equinox or something. NYSC is a pretty regular-person gym, and working out is good for the mind as well as the body. I don't have any objections to this. It's not another freaking bar, at least.

RyanAvenueA said...

I know several people called 311 during the first day of demo. They weren't hosing down the debris and it was blowing everywhere--drywall, fiberglass, etc. 311 said someone would be there between 24 hours and ten days. (!) It was a real mess and potential hazard for anyone who has respiratory issues. Hopefully the facade will remain intact. Though I wouldn't mind someone reassuring me that the Burger-Klein sign is securely attached. Stood under it once while it was raining and it sounded like it was about to come down on me.

Anonymous said...

This is a good/'normal' gym, and the first quality gym near the LES/lower-EastVillage!

It's amazing Crunch or these guys hadn't opened a spot down there like six years ago.. there certainly was enough potential young healthy people actually 'living' (not vomiting all over..) the neighborhood..!