Monday, November 25, 2013

Plans for luxury housing with a gym and penthouse filed for part of the Children’s Magical Garden

[Photo from May via MoRUS]

Developer Serge Hoyda has filed plans for a six-story, six-unit residential building on part of the Children’s Magical Garden on Norfolk and Stanton streets, according to a report today at BuzzBuzzHome.

Citing security and safety concerns, workers erected a fence on part of the property in May that Hoyda owns, much to the dismay of residents, community activists and local poltiticians, who wanted to maintain the entire space as a community garden.

In late June, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development transferred ownership of the remaining sections of the garden to the Parks Department to protect the parcel as park space. (Read more about this at DNAinfo.)

Per DNAinfo from June 27: Community gardeners hoped "to convince Hoyda to give up his part of the lot or participate in a land swap in which the city would give Hoyda another block of land in exchange for the full Children's Magical Garden."

According to the proposed work plans, the new building will measure 7,242 square feet and include a gym and a penthouse.

Hoyda purchased the lot in 2003.

H/T Curbed. Find more background on the Children's Magical Garden at the Lo-Down and BoweryBoogie.

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Chad Marlow said...

The CMG should contact an attorney about possibly making an adverse possession claim to the land the garden sits on. If they won, they would gain outright ownership of the land (even the existence of teh lawsuit might force the current owner into a more reasonable negotiating posture). That might be their best option at this point.

Anonymous said...

First the luxury hotel tower at the South Street Seaport, then the passage of the BID for Broadway/SoHo, next taking over the garden on Elizabeth St., and now this -- her new term has not even begun yet, but councilmember Margaret Chin paying back her real estate contributors at break-neck speed. Sick and sad.

Unknown said...

That photograph sums up the Bloomberg administration like no other photo I've ever seen.

A little while ago I said...

Hoyda to gardeners: Drop Dead!

Anonymous said...

Just a disgusting. WHAT is with every free space becoming "luxury" condos or housing? What is that? Where are average peole who don't give a shit about "luxury" supposed to live? At this point I have to say fuck luxury and all the status chasing bullshit that poisons our society. Try having your stauts and luxury in being a good decent human connected to other people and looking across at people not down at people. Humility is status not conspicuous consumption. Be real - live your life for your happiness not to show off crap for others. Carlin said it best - "Buying things to make you happy is like taping sandwiches to your body to stop being hungry"

Anonymous said...

don't fret. i understand that bloomberg has a team of consultants working on the design of a "micro-playground" to serve the playground needs of children displaced by condo development.

[insert image of cat litter box here]

Anonymous said...

i live nextdoor at 153 norfolk. its a damn shame. and a bigger shame that these yuppie assholes will treat the park like its their own private garden.

the construction or surveying or something has already been going on. there's this massive drill in the middle of the lot. you can see it from the stairwell window in my building.

since they started working in that lot, there has been a disgusting and noticeable increase in rats around the norfolk/stanton corner

Anonymous said...

"security concerns" means preventative measures in case the community realizes it is in their best interest to give them a cause for concern.

Anonymous said...

This is great news -
Now the 100's (literally, over 100 rodents) living in the numerous holes might actually be exterminated for once!


Anonymous said...

And to the neighbor next door who commented above:

The RATS have been there for 20years and thriving, Always! Don't mis-represent reality by accusing the pre-construction of the property as a cause/effect to the rodent population. Development of this ugly strip of earth will surely irradicate the decades long infestation of this ghetto garden.

It's Magical that it wasn't shut down years ago for this very problem!

Anonymous said...

sorry but of of 60 of them in the LES/alph city this community garden is one of the worst looking. It is a few weeds and an "herb garden".. if i had kids i would never let them play there..