Monday, November 25, 2013

The Space at Tompkins looking for some help with its Thanksgiving meal

Starting today, The Space at Tompkins will have use of the storefront at 75 E. Fourth St. this week for an array of events.

From Kathryn Villaverde, director of community relations at The Space at Tompkins:

This means we will have the special opportunity to host a Thanksgiving Dinner for our participants. We are fortunate to have a generous donor sponsoring the meal. However, we do not have the proper tools to keep the food warm throughout the afternoon. If someone you know has food warming supplies (e.g. sterno hot box, hot plates, food wells, heated shelves) that they can lend us for the day, it would be so greatly appreciated!

If so, then you may email her here.

Here's the Space at Tompkins Facebook events page with details about other workshops and readings at the pop-up space this week.

The Space at Tompkins is a harm reduction organization providing aid and support to the transient homeless community.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays To All At The Space. You all do good works.
East Village Corner