Saturday, November 30, 2013

Reader report: Last day for Lucky's Dry Cleaner and Laundry

EV Grieve reader Brian Katz shares the following:

Lucky's Dry Cleaner and Laundry on 11th St. (520 East 11th St.), between Avenues A and B, owned and operated by Linda, one of the kindest people and representative of all that is wonderful about our village, will be closing today at 6 p.m. She has been run out due to a variety of circumstances (chiefly, a landlord who wants to break her lease and raise her rent while she returns to China to care for a family member) and must shutter her little shop, for good, today.

Not only has she offered her obvious business services to our immediate neighborhood, but she accepted mail deliveries for ALL her neighbors and never, ever expected anything in return.

Updated: Per the comments.. she will remain open through tomorrow now.


Sarah said...


Linda is the best, and anytime I go see her it makes my day better. This is devastating.

Gojira said...

OH FOR GOD'S SAKE, NOOOOOOO! Jesus Christ, when will it STOP???

Cartknocker said...

By the "graciousness" of her landlord's cold, dead heart, Linda has until Monday.

VH McKenzie said...


Linda is the best neighbor - and yes, she's held many a package for us in her little shop. We will miss her!

I've got a few blankets and sweaters over there -- any word on how we can retrieve our items?

Cartknocker said...

Linda's landlord continues to mess with Linda and her business. He insists that she remain open, for the time being, while he waits for his new tenant to secure his deposit. She is being taken advantage of. If anyone has any business-related/legal experience and you have a moment to spare, please stop in and talk to her. Something ain't right.