Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Former Bleecker Bob's space back on the market

Bleecker Bob's was priced out of its longtime home on West Third Street this past year, closing for good in April.

And, as you may recall, a Forever Yogurt franchise was set to take over the space, even sporting an oh-so-cutesy record logo on the front door during the summer.

Apparently there won't be FroYo here, at least according to a Facebook update today from Bleecker Bob's:

today we give a big FUCK YOU to the assholes at Forever Yogurt who closed down a 45 year old landmark record store to build a bullshit froyo shop and now pulled out of the lease!!!

the storefront at 118 west 3rd is now for rent.

Last that we saw, the space for going for $17,000 a month. (Alex has a photo of the rather homemade "for rent" sign here.)

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Makeout said...

Wow. Good going dicks. I hope they lost more than they asses breaking the lease.

Anonymous said...

Takin' it on the hoof?

Anonymous said...

How did Fro Yo close down Bleecker Bob's when the landlord kicked out BB and would've replaced BB with ANYONE who met their asking price, Fro Yo or not?

Bleecker Bob's can't make $566 a day for 30 days plus two bucks selling records, cassettes, cds, t-shirts, other merchandise, and concert tickets to make rent?