Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More about Big Dirt Candy

As we noted yesterday, Chef Amanda Cohen got preliminary approval for a liquor license for a new Dirt Candy space at 86 Allen St.

As for the current Dirt Candy home on East Ninth Street, Cohen told us: "We aren't sure what we are going to do with the old space. We are definitely going to keep it, but for now all we know is that it won't be a full-service restaurant."

Later yesterday, Cohen had more to say about all this at the Dirt Candy website:

What will happen at Big Dirt Candy? It’ll be Dirt Candy, only bigger! There will be a bar where you can wait for your table! There will be ice! No more two month wait for tables! There will be more than one non-alcoholic drink on the menu! The chairs will have four legs! Most importantly, everything I’m doing, from the design, to the menu, to the kitchen layout, is being built to preserve the best things about Little Dirt Candy.

Sure, this restaurant is tiny, but there’s a fun atmosphere here where the line between the kitchen and the dining room is gone and where you don’t feel like a bunch of isolated tables scattered across the floor of an eat-a-torium where no one cares about you, but where, on its best nights, it feels like you’re all guests in my house having a party. That’s what makes Dirt Candy special, and that’s what’s it’s still going to be, whether it’s Little or Big.

Cohen is looking at a Fall 2014 opening for the Allen Street locale.


Anonymous said...

Did this really warrant a new post? You're promoting this place kinda hard, Grieve.

Anonymous said...

Do they own the old space?