Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Report: Several dogs jolted by stray voltage on East Village streets

[Sunday on East 7th Street]

The Post has more details about the reports of stray voltage on various East Village streets, such as East Seventh and East Second.

In particular, residents were pissed that Con Ed didn't tell residents about the potential danger … simply putting up some cones and yellow tape with a subcontractor sitting nearby in a car. Meanwhile, several dogs were zapped by electrified manhole covers...

Here's the Post with more from East Seventh Street between Avenue C and Avenue D:

It took calls to 311, 911 and, finally, a visit from the NYPD before a Con Ed repair crew arrived ... And while cops were talking to the safety manager, a passing pit bull got jolted.

“The yellow tape is out there to keep people away from the energized objects,” Con Ed spokesman Allan Drury told the Post on Monday.

Con Ed workers discovered the problem early Friday but had limited access to the area because of tightly parked cars, he said.

Repairs were completed on East Seventh Street late Sunday, he said.

Another neighborhood dog, a black standard poodle named Maybelline, was zapped so violently on Sunday that her heart stopped temporarily, said the dog’s owner, Catherine Kord.

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Giovanni said...

At 17 cents per kWh, ConEd will likely charge each dog owner at least 50 cents per electrocution, with a slight discount for smaller dogs.

Anonymous said...

You're mentioned prominently in today's NY Post. :)


nygrump said...

Giovanni, don't forget the $25 administrative fee in order to deliver the 50 cents of power.