Monday, December 23, 2013

The day the music stores died in the East Village

Several readers passed along the news that the East Village Music Store is closing at 21 E. Third St. The store's website notes a "moving sale," with 20 percent off new items, 40 percent off used items and 60 percent off all accessories.

In an email, store owner Claude Campbell said that they would close after Dec. 31 … and that he hasn't found a new spot yet for his shop, which opened in 1994.

Meanwhile, EVG reader Cheryl Pyle passes along the sad news that A-1 Music at 186 First Ave. is also closing. Jan. 26 is likely the last day for this 26-year-old store.

[Cheryl Pyle]

Jeremiah Moss first reported on the closure Friday at Vanishing New York. Per Jeremiah:

The owner told me ... business isn't great and the rent is just too high. They looked for a more affordable space in the neighborhood, but found nothing.


If you're you're looking for something along these lines, then you're in luck. Everything in the shop is "buy one, get the second half price," with books going 2-for-1.

As for music stores around here… First Flight Music is still going strong at 174 First Ave.


Gojira said...

And here come two more generic fro-yo hotspots.

Muzz said...

...because we don't have enough of them already!

greatfact said...

or a fucking bank, or a Starbucks..

Hoboken Hoof said...

This is great news! Get your hooves ready!

nygrump said...

or another death junkie outpost to ensure war taxes from alcohol sales

Anonymous said...

This is very sad news. Any word on whether EV Music has a new location yet?

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

@ HH: Do you have sprinkles for your Holiday Hoof Fro-Yo? Happy Hoofing!

Anonymous said...

A-1 is older than 26 years. (unless I'm wrong). They used to be twice as large extending into the space south of them. I'm shocked they lasted this long and am sad to see them go.

shmnyc said...

Time to stock up on strings. And maybe a new tuner.

Benny said...

Fortunately Claude is still selling stuff - I bought a ukulele from him in his apartment!
I asked him where he was moving to and he says he's held up because he feels like he has to find another spot in the East Village, due to the name. I think he should move somewhere else but just keep the name, as a nod to a place that once was.